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Legacy from 2 discipline honored on 20 century to France into a hybrid tactical concept. Combine Savate Defense ( France 17 century) Moring Art ( Reunion Island 18 century) drills & skills movement cover long & close quarters range to create this unique self-defense system

Moring Art

In 18 century during oppression slavery to Reunion Island. The black founded Martial Technics hidden into the Maloya music rhythm to divert the slaves masters intentions. Until the true confrontation to gain their freedom. Honored in 20 century to France this discipline been codified on a modern fighting system.

Savate defense

In 17 century the French sailors invented a game to challenge balance & agility on ship. Progress into a street fighting style to survive in the difficult period after the French Revolution. Known in 20 century to France as tactical defense system, applying by many French corps 

Teddy Julien Kybio

French, originally from Reunion Island with over 10 years coaching experience to teams sports, pro-athletes, tactical person, rehabilitation patients & general public. Was semi- pro 400/200 meters. Hold a Conditioning Training Diploma with the huge expertise in fighting system. In 2014 he established this French Combatives to show his passion & culture through this unique art.

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